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Ben Loring
Democrat For House District 7

I have lived, learned, worked, played and worshiped here in Ottawa County for thirty-eight years.  I met and married my lovely wife Barbara and raised my two sons, David and Ian here.  I served as the District Attorney for eight years and First Assistant District Attorney under Eddie Wyant for twelve years. I have had the great honor of serving as your State Representative for the last two years.

I have spent a huge portion of my professional career protecting the most vulnerable members of society.  I have prosecuted those that have physically abused or financially exploited senior citizens or others with disabilities which might prevent them from being able to protect themselves.  I have pursued protection cases where babies and small children have been abused, neglected and molested, and criminally prosecuted those that are responsible.  I have also been the legal advisor to City of Miami and Ottawa County officials with the goal of assisting them to legally accomplish what they think needs to be done on behalf of the citizens.  To do all of this, I daily work with the laws passed by our Legislature.  Most of those laws help accomplish what we all want. But I have also dealt with some disasters that our Legislature has passed, that do nothing but hamstring the needs and desires of the citizens.  I understand the legislative process and the consequences of the legislature’s actions.

Oklahoma is headed in the wrong direction! I appreciate and understand the desire to pay as little in taxes as is necessary.  But I also know that taxes are the cost of a civilized society. With a balanced budget constitutional requirement, like we have here in Oklahoma, the more taxes are cut, the more programs, services and upkeep of infrastructure must also be cut.  Some of those cuts have been good - when they eliminate waste.  But over the last decade or so, the Legislature has been so determined to cut taxes that we have gone too far.  We have gone beyond eliminating waste, we are actually destroying core services of government, our schools and colleges, our roads and bridges, our health and mental health system, our public safety system and our pride as a State. Meanwhile, the Legislature has chosen to completely overlook the abuses and waste of our handouts to the wealthiest corporations in the world and the wealthiest Oklahomans - oh, yes, the very individuals that can and do write the big, fat, campaign contribution checks; rather, the majority in our Legislature has chosen to balance our State budget on the backs of hard-working Oklahoma families.  No one thing has gotten us into this problem and no one thing will get us out of it. It is a huge and complicated problem with lots of moving parts. But one factor stands out to me as the most significant reason the State is broken: one political party (which happens to be the other party) has had complete political control of this State for the last decade or so.  They have had a super majority in both houses
of the Legislature and can (and have) enact any law and any budget they want; they control every, single state-wide office, from the Governor to the Insurance Commissioner.  They are driving this train.

We need a more balanced approach.  We need a Legislature where each side of the aisle respects the other. We need to be able to talk together and work together.  We need to solve problems instead of create new ones. When we have that, we will have a stronger, safer Oklahoma!

Please look around my website. I don’t expect anybody to agree with me on everything.  But what I hope to do is to create thought
and reasoned debate.  Please ask questions and offer suggestions. Are there issues you would like to see discussed?  If so, please let me know.  If you can donate to help the cause, that would be appreciated, but most importantly, I would appreciate your vote on November 8.

Thank you for your support!

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